My Mission is to Empower You

I created this platform to share with you all of the knowledge and resources that I find empowering: mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually. My hope is that what is here will help you create your dream life.

When I say “you can have it all,” I’m speaking from experience – although it didn’t start out that way. I grew up in a family where money was always a struggle and love seemed to be missing. That stress followed me into adulthood: I had a never ending list of health conditions, painful relationships, a chronically dysregulated nervous system, and ultra-demanding, unfulfilling work. I was running myself into the ground trying to feel good enough, and yet no matter what I achieved it never worked.

As a first generation American and native New Yorker, I felt compelled to succeed by all external metrics. I majored in Physics at Dartmouth College where I did original research on joint prosthetic materials on campus and cataclysmic variable star systems at the South African Large Telescope. After graduating I advised multi-billion dollar publicly traded companies on mergers and acquisitions and then became a private equity investor. While I got a kick out of being the youngest person in the boardroom (and often the only woman), the 100 hours per week these roles demanded of me left me feeling burnt out, unfulfilled, unhealthy, and lonely – in many ways, I was hurting myself.

I was tired of trading freedom for money and wound up abandoning what I had built and what I knew, leaving the finance industry without a plan. I knew there had to be more to life than being perfect on paper, but as a historically paved path person I was terrified of this uncharted territory and completely disoriented. The miracle, however, is that once I stopped trying to control everything and ceased screaming questions, I could actually hear the universe’s answers – all of which I share on this platform. Those answers helped me create wealth in ways I actually enjoy; create joyful relationships and community; heal my heart, mind, body, and spirit; discover and live my truth and purpose; and feel a deep sense of safety and belonging in the world. Now, I have created success as I define it: love, health, fulfillment, and freedom of time, finances, and location. You too can be anyone you want and create everything you desire – we’re here to help you make it all happen.

The keys to success and the founding pillars of this platform are to stay curious and apply what you learn. If you’re new here and would like some guidance on where to start the journey, I recommend beginning with this insight.

I am excited for you and ecstatic that you’re here :)