Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication will share with you how to communicate your frustration in a way that can actually lead to resolution. It'll also share how you can decipher another person's frustrations in a way that can lead to a resolution. It has been a huge help in my life because interpersonal tension happens sometimes and this book taught me how to diffuse it. My hope is that it'll do the same for you.

How to Win Friends & Influence People

How to Win Friends and Influence People was my guide to overcoming shyness / self-isolation. As a child of parents who were preoccupied and introverted and who had few friends and rarely hosted, I had not observed how to create community and connection. This book showed me how by sharing ways to be truly kind and caring towards others. The tenets in it may seem basic, but they are impactful nonetheless. It has been for me an especially useful refresher for making friends and growing my network as an adult.


Want deeper, more connected relationships? If so, you need to be vulnerable. For me learning to be vulnerable has been a journey because I grew up feeling like I could only trust and rely on myself. This book helped me learn actually how to be vulnerable and as a result I've created more meaningful relationships. Worth a read if you'd like to feel more connected and less alone — especially if you've already got a number of people around you and yet still feel distant and not yet truly known.

Calling In the One

Calling in the One can help you become more intentional in your romantic life and actually create the space for your ideal partner to come into your life. It's a long read but it's well worth it if you're yearning for real love. A month after I read it, my partner and I found each other — perhaps it'll work like magic for you too :)

The Five Love Languages

There are five languages of giving and receiving love: Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Quality Time, and Gifts.

If you feel there's a love disconnect in your relationship (or you'd like to prevent one) this book can help you learn your loved one's preferred language so you can connect more deeply.

Personally this book helped me recognize and appreciate the love given in languages other than my own. As a result, I actually feel happier and more cherished. My hope is that it'll positively impact you too.

Eight Dates

We all have our quirks — sometimes they're endearing and other times they can be off putting. This book offers a framework to tackle some of the areas that can be the most sensitive (such as money) so you can take your relationship to the next level.


This book is for you if you've ever felt devastated in love or anxious or avoidant because of it. It's also for you if you have a partner whose behavior confuses you. Reading this book will help you better understand yourself and others, both platonically and romantically, so you can co-create better relationships.

For me it helped me recognize that my attachment style was disorganized (aka fearful-avoidant). With that awareness I was able to curb fearful behaviors in my relationship through subconscious reprogramming and shift myself towards secure attachment to create a deep, safe, and truly loving relationship.

Way of the Superior Man

If you're a man and you'd like to learn how to please a feminine woman, read this book.

If you're a woman and you'd like to become better at spotting high quality men, read this book.

This book is the best text on divine masculinity I have found to date.

Dear Lover

If you're a woman and you'd like to learn how to remain radiant in the eyes of a man and cherished by him forever, I highly recommend reading this book. In a nut shell, it's about the aspects of divine femininity that are captivating to a divine masculine.

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

If you feel any amount of discomfort, resistance, or resentment around your parents or you justify their behaviors under the guise of "understanding" the hurtful things they have done, read this book. It may make you aware of coping mechanisms you may have developed to navigate tension with your parents and how that strategy is limiting you from flourishing today. It'll also offer you exercises which may help you thrive.

The Biology of Belief

This book will give you the awareness of how to master your health. It shares how health manifests as a result of your perception, environment, and genes. It also offers ways to influence your epigenetics to turn on your preferred genetic codes and turn off the genetic codes you'd rather not run. Definitely worth reading to stay ahead of the curve as it comes to wellness, aging, and longevity.

The author, Bruce Lipton, is a cell biologist from Stanford University. He uses PSYCH-K® to manage his perception and subconscious beliefs for optimal mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being. If you're curious about how PSYCH-K® can benefit you, book a session.

When the Body Says No

This book delves into the mindsets that produce health and those that produce illness. It provides a helpful guide on what beliefs beliefs and perceptions need to be held at the subconscious level to produce optimal health.

If you'd like help with using your subconscious to improve your health, book a session.

It Didn't Start With You

If you've got a family with health conditions or emotional tensions, this book will help you become aware of how to avoid those conditions and create better health for yourself. It's a surprising read which I am happy to have found and share with you.

The Body Keeps The Score

If you have ever felt sad, angry, hurt, scared, resentful, or frustrated in your life, I'd recommend reading this book — especially if there is trauma in your family or if you have a chronic health condition. When I was traumatized (and didn't know it) I felt very overwhelmed and lonely, even long after the traumatic events had past. This book was key to reconnecting to myself and others. It helped me understand / heal years of dissociation and self-harm. It also helped me forgive myself. At the time I picked up this book, I had no idea how much it would resonate and how healing it would be. I highly recommend reading it. Even if it doesn't apply to you, aspects of it may apply to the people with whom you interact and maybe whom you even love.

The Go-Giver

This book will show you how to become wealthy through just five principles. Then it'll be on you to actually embody those principles. It's a short read that could change your life and actually make creating wealth fun for you.

Think & Grow Rich

This book is a classic and is actually a text on metaphysics / spirituality. In it, Napoleon Hill reveals that you must be a vibrational match to wealth to experience it and shares that your vibration is heavily influenced by your subconscious. To program your subconscious for wealth he suggests self-hypnosis, which works, but is a slow process. Personally, I find PSYCH-K® to be much more efficient for subconscious reprogramming.

If you're new to the game of spirituality and / or wealth, I'd recommend reading this book. If you're already familiar with spirituality, you'd likely benefit more from a session.

The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements is short and sweet. It lays out four principles through which anyone can create a peaceful, honorable life. The TL;DR is be authentic and exercise integrity, depersonalize everything, be open and curious (as opposed to presumptuous), and always do your best. That said, definitely still worth reading anyway, it'll really hit home when you do.

The Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita offers a path to enlightenment via inner truth. This is a short read which can beautifully transform your life. It is well worth your attention and investment.

The Untethered Soul

This book helped me to better appreciate life. It's super short and easy to absorb. It is profound and wonderfully addresses the infiniteness that is you, that is consciousness. A truly liberating read.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a parable on how to lead a fulfilling life and pursue your dreams. There are many aspects of the story which resonated with me and which may also resonate with you. It's a short book that I recommend actually getting a physical copy of to read and maybe even annotate.

Conversations with God

Conversations with God shares a perspective on the magic of creation which deeply resonates with me and offers a profound sense of peace. I listened to all four books via Audible, which is linked below. This format made it much easier to read because 1. the dialogue is longgg and 2. I enjoyed taking strolls around my neighborhood while listening to it. The format of the book is a dialogue, so it is feels very engaging as an audiobook with different people voicing the two perspectives in conversation.