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The conscious mind – the portion of thoughts and actions of which we are generally aware – only operates at 40 bits per second. Sounds like a lot until it's compared to the subconscious, which operates at 11 million - 40 million bits per second. With a million times the computing power of the conscious mind, it’s no wonder that the subconscious mind runs the show. It’s housing the bulk of our thoughts and feelings (collectively beliefs) out of sight and they determine our actions, thereby creating our reality. So, if we would like to experience something different, we need to get the subconscious to support our conscious desires in order to manifest them. After the age of seven, the subconscious can only be changed through a handful of ways. Emma will share with you the easiest and quickest ways to discover and transform your subconscious beliefs to help you feel greater peace, joy, and fulfillment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Emma can revise limiting beliefs and create inner peace. Often times the internal shift that occurs when doing this work manifests as a positive change to reality as well. This process can apply to physical conditions, relationships, careers, performance, self worth/esteem/confidence, patterns, vices, letting go, and more.

Please note: engaging Emma is not a substitute for medical treatment. She is not a medical professional and does not diagnose or treat anyone.

That said, this session may complement your medical care by changing any limiting subconscious beliefs and perceptions you have related to the situation / condition concerning you to affirming ones that may positively influence your well-being.

The link between mind and body has been well documented and this process of subconscious change can be helpful in your journey to creating a satisfying, joyful life on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Sometimes a condition / situation improves dramatically through changing subconscious beliefs, which is why I offer these sessions.

The main difference between working with Emma and doing hypnosis is that hypnosis is an invasive process for clients whereas Emma honors and respects clients' privacy.

The results of a hypnosis session depend on the skill of the hypnotist and his/her understanding of your desires - which requires perhaps more than desired personal disclosure. The process of hypnosis can be disempowering.

With Emma, on the other hand, sessions are directed by the client and requires little to no self-disclosure to be effective. Sessions with her are highly precise, effective, and empowering for clients.

Certain types of therapy are wonderful for increasing self awareness, meaning the conscious mind operating at 40 bits per second now knows some of the programs the subconscious mind operating at 40 million bits per second is running. That said, it can be difficult for the conscious mind to override the subconscious mind because of their differences in horsepower.

Working with Emma can help you align your subconscious beliefs so that they can help create the change you'd like to experience instead of sabotage it. Together you can also create inner peace around stressful situations/conditions (past, present, or future). As a result, working with her can be a wonderful complement to therapy. You may also have discoveries during sessions with her which you might have also had during a therapy.

Typically coaching focuses on changing thoughts and behaviors to produce goals and dreams. Again this process uses the conscious mind to try to override the subconscious mind – which it rarely can do because the subconscious is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind. A number of coaches recognize this difficulty and supplement their programs with hypnosis. As mentioned above, however, hypnosis can be invasive and minimally effective.

Emma will provide you with individualized guidance so that you can align your subconscious mind to support your goals, making them much easier to manifest through your actions. Depending on what you're trying to accomplish, working with her can be a wonderful complement to coaching or in many cases a substitute for it.