Master Your Mind

The conscious mind – the portion of thoughts and actions of which we are generally aware – only operates at 40 bits per second. Sounds like a lot until it's compared to the subconscious, which operates at 11 million - 40 million bits per second. With a million times the computing power of the conscious mind, it’s no wonder that the subconscious mind runs the show. It’s housing the bulk of our thoughts and feelings (collectively beliefs) out of sight and they determine our actions, thereby creating our reality. So, if we would like to experience something different, we need to reprogram the subconscious to get on board with our conscious desires in order to manifest them. After the age of seven, the subconscious can only be changed through trauma, repetition, hypnosis, or PSYCH-K®. Of these methods, PSYCH-K® is the most effective tool for rewiring your subconscious yourself!

Life Coaching Session

PSYCH-K® Sessions

In a PSYCH-K® session, you will define your present situation (problem), and the PSYCH-K® Facilitator will help you identify and transform the subconscious programs that are blocking your desired outcome.

One of the major benefits of PSYCH-K® is that it is just as effective in person as it is remotely. If the session is in person, we will muscle test you. Otherwise, I will muscle test on your behalf via surrogation. PSYCH-K® uses muscle testing to identify your beliefs, confirm the best balance for your goal, and verify the successful completion of Balances. With the muscle testing results, we will proceed with balancing – it typically takes a few seconds to a few minutes for PSYCH-K® to work although a number of Balances may take longer. Once the Balance is complete, we will discuss the experience and identify the next challenge or goal to be addressed. If time allows, we will proceed with balancing and repeating this cycle until there is nothing left to balance or our session time ends – whichever comes first. Finally, in concluding the session, we may review an action plan if relevant to the goals balanced during the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

PSYCH-K® is a science-backed method for changing subconscious beliefs by producing a "whole-brained" state. This change is measurable and has been researched by Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Cognitive Enhancement, in Glendale, AZ using QEEG/brain mapping.

Read the research PSYCH-K®.

To be clear, when you are working with a facilitator, you are doing PSYCH-K® with yourself – the facilitator does not diagnose, heal, treat, or do anything else to you. Instead, the facilitator helps you with your self discovery process / what you would like to balance and then walks you through the process of balancing yourself. That said, in order for PSYCH-K® to work, the session must be facilitated by someone who has learned PSYCH-K® by attending the Basic Workshop at a minimum. In order for you to do PSYCH-K® on yourself, by yourself you must attend a PSYCH-K® workshop.

PSYCH-K® works because it creates a whole-brained state, meaning the left and right hemispheres of the brain are synced. In this state, you are able to download and/or revise subconscious beliefs and perceptions and establish new neural pathways. The effect of PSYCH-K® is evident through QEEG brain mapping research conducted by Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Cognitive Enhancement, in Glendale, AZ.

Read the research.

PSYCH-K® helps revise limiting beliefs and create inner peace. Often times the internal shift that occurs when working with PSYCH-K® manifests as a positive change to reality as well. This process can apply to physical conditions, relationships, careers, performance, self worth/esteem/confidence, patterns, vices, letting go, and more.

Please note: this session is not a substitute for medical treatment – I am not a medical professional and do not diagnose or treat anyone.

That said, this session may complement your medical care by changing any limiting subconscious beliefs and perceptions you have related to the situation / condition concerning you to affirming ones that may positively influence your well-being.

The link between mind and body has been well documented and this process of subconscious change can be helpful in your journey to creating a satisfying, joyful life on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Sometimes a condition / situation improves dramatically through changing subconscious beliefs, which is why I offer these sessions.

I suggest starting with one session.
Typically the method I work with requires a limited number of sessions to work through a single condition / situation.

You may notice changes during the session, immediately afterwards, or even in the following days. You are welcome to book subsequent sessions whenever you prefer.

For additional sessions on a previously unaddressed condition / situation, you are welcome to book another session as soon as you would like.

For follow-up sessions related to the same condition / situation previously addressed, I would recommend you allow for two weeks between sessions. That amount of time will provide you with space to observe changes in your daily life and decide whether another session would be helpful and what additional changes you’d like to create.

To work with me online or by phone, is $500 / 45 minutes.

To work with me in-person is $500 / 45 minutes (can book as much time as you think necessary) + travel expenses if applicable. Travel expenses include transit time (during which I cannot facilitate for other clients), accommodation, meals, and transportation in association with the session.

PSYCH is short for PSYCHE and the K stands for key. PSYCH-K® is a key to unlocking the psyche (mind).

The main difference between hypnosis and PSYCH-K® is that hypnosis is an invasive process for clients whereas PSYCH-K® honors and respects clients' privacy.

The results of a hypnosis session depend on the skill of the hypnotist and his/her understanding of your desires - which requires perhaps more than desired personal disclosure. The process of hypnosis can be disempowering.

PSYCH-K® the sessions, on the other hand, are directed by the client the entire session and require no self-disclosure. PSYCH-K® sessions are very precise, effective, and empowering for clients.

Therapy is wonderful for increasing self awareness, meaning the conscious mind operating at 40 bits per second now knows some of the programs the subconscious mind operating at 40 million bits per second is running. It is difficult, if not impossible, for the conscious mind to override the subconscious mind because of their differences in horsepower, so oftentimes therapy is not enough to produce the desired change. PSYCH-K® is a tool for you to program your subconscious to align with your desires so you can create them. You can also work with PSYCH-K® to create inner peace around stressful situations/conditions (past, present, or future). As a result, PSYCH-K® can be a wonderful complement to therapy. You may also have discoveries during a PSYCH-K® session which you might have also had during a therapy session.

Coaching focuses on changing thoughts and behaviors to produce goals and dreams. Again this process uses the conscious mind to try to override the subconscious mind – which it rarely can do because the subconscious is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind. With PSYCH-K® you can align your subconscious mind to your desires, making them much easier to manifest through your actions. As a result, PSYCH-K® can be a wonderful complement to coaching. You may also prefer to just work with PSYCH-K®.