Working with PSYCH-K® is fast and has lasting benefits beyond each session. It is my secret sauce for transformation and manifestation I am excited to share it with you. With PSYCH-K® I have released emotional traumas and created my ideal life, relationships, purpose, and more and I help others to do the same. Of all the tools I have experienced, PSYCH-K® is by far the most effective for uncovering subconscious beliefs and changing them.

Human Garage

The educational resources Human Garage shares on the body, fascia, and nutrition helped me relieve the chronic back pain and painful eczema I was experiencing. Its content is free and available to the public and they have virtual and in-person workshops at varying rates. They also have a proprietary line of supplements from which I use this bundle.

I am now a Lifestyle Artist via Human Garage and lead fascial maneuver workshops.

Mushroom Tao

Mushroom Tao offers options to experience psilocybin mushrooms either at its retreat in Costa Rica or from the comfort of your home. Of the different retreats for psilocybin, I trust this one. The founders and facilitators of Mushroom Tao, Chi and Leti, facilitated my first ever psychedelic experience and have been good friends ever since. If you'd like to book a retreat or at-home experience for a special rate you can inquire with the below button. You can also read about my experiences with plant medicines in this insight and learn more about Mushroom Tao at this site.

Arkana Spiritual Center

Arkana Spiritual Center is an ayahuasca retreat facilitated by Shipibo Shamans. Ayahuasca can offer profound perspective in just one ceremony that could take years to uncover through therapy. In some cases it may also have health benefits.

I have visited Arkana a number of times both in its Amazon location and in its Mexico pop-up. In both places, I participated in multiple ayahuasca ceremonies and bufo ceremonies. At Arkana, I also experienced peyote, hapé, mapacho, kambo, and temazcale. Each plant and practice is unique and facilitated different lessons for me. If you'd like to book a retreat at a special rate you can inquire with the below button. You can read about my experiences with plant medicines in this insight. You can also learn more about Arkana at this site.

Transcendental Meditation®

I first began meditating in 2018 and the method I found most effective as a beginner is Transcendental Meditation®. At the time I was working in a very stressful job and meditating provided relief. Contrary to the image here, no mudras or specific seating positions are necessary with this form. Instead you just sit in whatever position you prefer in a quiet place and silently repeat a mantra. Focusing on the mantra redirects your attention for whatever else typically occupies your mind and drives your emotions.


Detoxing has been key to healing my body by relieving the environmental stress on it. Reducing the physical stress on my body seemed to positively impact my mental emotional well being as well.

EWG has been helpful in identifying safer cosmetics and cleaning products to use by rating or verifying them. One draw back is that EWG's judgment on safety is limited by the available research. As a result, something with limited research may be listed as safe until following research discovers otherwise. That said, EWG reports are still helpful in selecting products that avoid known hazardous chemicals.