What PSYCH-K® Is, How It Works, and Other Answers

What Is the PSYCH-K® Method?

PSYCH-K® is a system for identifying and transforming subconscious beliefs and perceptions. It is also helpful for receiving important messages for our subconscious from situations and conditions we experience.


What Are the Benefits of PSYCH-K®?

The primary benefit of PSYCH-K® is greater inner peace, clarity, and harmony. The benefits of PSYCH-K® Balances last indefinitely. More specifically, benefits of PSYCH-K® Balances include eliminating phobias and stress around situations future, present, or past such as trauma as well as transforming subconscious to have a more positive beliefs and perception about ourselves, life, and others. This shift can then facilitates better relationships, life, and health. 

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What Is a PSYCH-K® Balance?

There are a number of PSYCH-K® Balances and which ones are completed during a session depend on what the partner would prefer to address. Each Balance is a self directed and completed process for creating the partners' desired change within the subconscious mind.


Does PSYCH-K® Really Work? 

PSYCH-K® really does work. Using PSYCH-K®'s method for muscle testing partners first identify what they believe. Then after completing the change process we again use muscle testing to confirm that the desired change has actually taken place. 


Why Does PSYCH-K® Work?

PSYCH-K® works by enabling partners to produce a state in which the left and right hemispheres are synced, known as the "whole-brained" state, using only their own body. In this state, they are able to transform their beliefs and perceptions to better regulate their emotion and nervous system going forward.


How Fast Does PSYCH-K® Work? 

Each PSYCH-K® Balance takes a few seconds to a few minutes to complete.  The change produced by each Balance is sustained indefinitely.


How Long Does it Take to Reprogram Your Mind?

Using PSYCH-K® it only takes a few seconds to a few minutes to reprogram your mind in the singular way intended at the start of the balance. It is comparable to flipping the switch on one belief or perception at a time.


Is PSYCH-K® Safe?

PSYCH-K® is safe process. It is completely self directed and does not use any substances or equipment nor does it require any physical interaction. In cases of trauma and other stressful situations, partners can benefit from completing the process for themselves with the guidance of a facilitator even without disclosing what they are transforming. Minimal self disclosure is one of the major benefits of PSYCH-K®. 


What Is a PSYCH-K® Facilitator?

A PSYCH-K® Facilitator is an individual who helps a partner with self reflection and intention to maximize the benefit of Balances. PSYCH-K® Facilitators also provide assistance in determining which Balances are most appropriate for partners' goals and over see the successful completion of Balances.


What Happens in a PSYCH-K® Session?

At the start of the session the partner determines what change (s)he would like to experience and uncovers what beliefs and perceptions are in place that detract from that vision using muscle testing as a kind of lie detector test. The partner then decides which Balance(s) (s)he would like to use to transform these beliefs and perceptions to support his/her desired outcome. The PSYCH-K® Facilitator helps him/her complete the change process and confirm the desired transformation is successful with muscle testing. This process of discovery and Balancing is repeated until either the time for the session ends or all the beliefs and perceptions the partner has have been transformed to support his/her desired outcome(s) — whichever happens first. 


What Is The Truth About PSYCH-K®?

The truth about PSYCH-K® is that it unlocks your potential to create the reality you'd like to experience and then your actions make that potential manifest. PSYCH-K® also helps partners create their desired inner reality/experience regardless of what is happening in the externally reality.


What Are the PSYCH-K® Action Steps?

The PSYCH-K® action steps are the actions partners take post balance to provide their conscious mind with confirmation of their new subconscious beliefs and perceptions. They are often useful and they are always determined by the partner. 


Can PSYCH-K® Be Done Online?

Yes, PSYCH-K® can be facilitated online, by phone, and in person. In the case where the session is virtual, the Facilitator muscle tests on behalf of the partner. 


Can You Do PSYCH-K® on Your Own?

PSYCH-K® is always done on your own, by yourself, with yourself, and for yourself, even when working with a Facilitator. Again Facilitators, help only with self reflection, intention, and oversight. For a partner to ensure successful Balance completion without a Facilitator, (s)he will need to learn the Balance processes by attending the requisite PSYCH-K® workshop(s). Which Balances correspond to which workshops are listed on the About PSYCH-K® page. 


Can PSYCH-K® Help with Anxiety?

PSYCH-K® can help with anxiety by Balancing the partners' perception(s) and transforming his/her beliefs and fears which are producing the anxiety. As subconscious beliefs and perceptions are transformed from fearful to positive, partners experience more ease. 


What Is PSYCH-K® for Depression?

PSYCH-K® for depression helps to transform the trauma, beliefs, and perceptions producing the partners emotional turmoil. In addition to PSYCH-K®, there are steps that can help a partner alleviate depression as well including making meaning out of his/her life, movement, sunlight, interconnectivity, and balanced nutrition. 


What is PSYCH-K® for Health?

PSYCH-K® for health helps partners by reducing stress and installing self enhancing perceptions and beliefs to support over all well being. PSYCH-K® for health can also help partners uncover what message, if any, the condition has for the partner. PSYCH-K® is remarkably helpful in resolving allergies and improves emotional regulation which can support better health given the psychosomatic link between mind and body now being researched in the burgeoning fields of epigenetic,  psychoimmunology, psychoneuroimmunology,  and psychoneuroendocrinology.


What is Manifesting with PSYCH-K®?

Manifestation happens at the intersection of your thoughts, feelings, and actions all of which are driven by your beliefs and perceptions. By transforming your beliefs and perceptions at the subconscious level to align with your dreams, you unlock the potential to create the life you'd like to experience. Your actions then make that potential manifest.


How Many PSYCH-K® Sessions Are There?

How many PSYCH-K® sessions a partner would find optimal varies by how many individual considerations (s)he would like to transform in his/her life and how many beliefs and perceptions (s)he would need to change to create his/her desired outcome. For a single consideration with few beliefs and perceptions to transform, such as an allergy, (s)he may only need one session. For a complex consideration, such as relationships, several sessions may be necessary to create his/her desired dynamic.  


What Is the Difference between EFT and PSYCH-K®?

EFT is a self help method using accupressure points to calm the nervous system once its fight or flight response has been triggered. In addition to helping calm a triggered nervous system, PSYCH-K® also enables partners to transform new perceptions and beliefs to diffuse triggers going forward and improve overall emotional regulation and resilience.


What is the Difference between Hypnosis and PSYCH-K®?

Hypnosis is a process in which a practitioner hypnotizes his/her client, who remains passive during the treatment, in hopes of producing the desired change at the subconscious level. Results depend on the skill of the hypnotist and the client's susceptibility to hypnosis. Self hypnosis can occur the five minutes before sleeping and the five minutes before waking — it requires repetition over an extended number of days to months to be effective. On the other hand, PSYCH-K® is an efficient, self directed process to produce the intended transformation at a subconscious level.


What is the Difference between Therapy and PSYCH-K®?

Therapy raises self awareness and increases clients' understanding of their why. PSYCH-K® helps partners transform their why, resolve emotional turmoil, and create beliefs and perceptions conducive to creating the experience they desire.


What is the Difference Between Life Coaching and PSYCH-K®?

Life coaching increases clients' self awareness and focuses on habits, strategy, and follow-through to produce clients' desired change. It emphasizes conscious effort in an attempt to override subconscious programming, which is difficult to do because the subconscious is estimated to be a million times more powerful than the conscious mind. 

PSYCH-K® helps partners reprogram their subconscious beliefs and perceptions to align with their desired outcome, making it much easier to create.


What Does PSYCH-K® Stand for?

PSYCH-K® stands for psyche key. The name was developed to emphasize this system is a way for individuals to unlock and transform their own minds.


How Much Does a PSYCH-K® Session Cost?

PSYCH-K® Sessions start at $500 for 45-minutes to work remotely with me. 


Can You Do PSYCH-K® Lying Down?

For most Balances, you can do PSYCH-K® lying down if needed. 


Written by Emma Soleil

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