The PSYCH-K® Process I Use Most


Usually I can now readily tell when I'm triggered and easily take note of situations / conditions that spark something in me. That said, even when I notice I'm even the slightest bit activated, in many (probably even most) instances I am not consciously aware of what is bothering me. When the universe has something to communicate it starts with a whisper and grows louder and louder until it cannot be missed. Typically once it's that loud there are serious consequences abound so the earlier the message is received, the better.

I've found for myself that life is a whole lot better when I receive and integrate the message ASAP. The PSYCH-K® Messages Protocol makes the process of catching the message the easiest I've ever encountered. I use it with myself daily and actually several times a day. I have to say it's made a significant difference in my quality of life and it may be my favorite thing about PSYCH-K®. It helps me regulate my emotions, transform my perceptions from negative to positive, and consciously create a life I love. To try out the Messages Protocol, book a session.

Written by Emma Soleil

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