How PSYCH-K® Helped Me Stop Depression, Suicidal Ideation, and Self Harm


Trauma Leads to Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, and Self Harm

Before I began working with PSYCH-K®, I previously experienced such intense and prolonged depressive states that I routinely considered suicide and engaged in self harm ranging from cutting myself to workaholism and more. While everything looked perfect on paper, I was suffering deeply in a darkness which seemed inescapable. Unconsciously I felt unworthy of love, life, kindness, acceptance, and connection and believed I deserved abuse and so I abused (and often isolated) myself. I felt intensely ashamed to be me. 

Of course none of those beliefs were true and all of them were established through unresolved trauma.


How I Healed from Depression

I was desperate for relief and tried therapy, meditation, breathwork, and psychedelics. Unfortunately, none of them created consistent change for me. What did create and sustain positive change for me was working with PSYCH-K®. These specific balances helped me recover:

PSYCH-K® Balances for Depression

  • Core Belief Balance — This process is a kind of catch-all designed to create greater harmony mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I felt much lighter once I completed this Balance
  • Life Bonding Balance — This process helped me feel more at peace with life instead of at odds / resistant to it
  • Relationship Balance — Looking in the mirror, I completed this process to balance my relationship with myself so that I could be more at peace with myself. I also did it via surrogation with another PSYCH-K® facilitator to balance meaningful relationships which weighed on my heart
  • Transformation of Perception of Stress Protocol — I completed this process for major traumas I had experienced, which helped me internalize a sense of peace and non attachment around each of them. It removed the emotion (anger, fear, sadness, etc.) from the memories and left neutrality
  • Messages Protocol — Emotions carry messages and the more the message is missed, the more intense the emotion grows. This protocol helps to discern whatever message the situation or condition is trying to communicate so that it can be fully received and then integrated into our being
  • New Reality Protocol — This protocol is a way of getting guidance from our future selves who are already living the life we would like to create and experience. I find it extremely helpful in getting from where I already am to where I would like to be mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually
  • Individual Balances — Completed for the most part through either the New Direction Balance or the Resolution Balance
    • Life is always on my side
    • I always trust the process of my life
    • I forgive myself and others 
    • I always see the beauty in everything in life
    • I always am / feel worthy of love, friendship, connection, acceptance, etc. just for who I am
    • It is always safe for me to love and be loved
    • I always feel safe within myself and within the world
    • I always love myself
    • I always am / feel worthy worthy of my dreams
    • I dream big
    • I trust myself
    • I take responsibility for my life 
    • I am powerful
    • I believe in myself and in my dreams
    • I always treat myself with kindness and compassion
    • I am always proud of who I am and what I do (designed to replace feeling ashamed to be me)
    • And more...

It's important to note that individual balances are neither affirmations nor toxic positivity. Instead, they are statements we would like to be true and intentions that are set during the balancing process which facilitate a somatic experience and energetic shift. The transformation is sustained indefinitely post balance.

After these PSYCH-K® balances, I felt much lighter even though nothing had changed around me in that moment. PSYCH-K® unlocks potential and action makes that potential manifest. So for each of the above i defined for myself what action would reinforce those new beliefs and did them. Ultimately this practice helped me live in integrity and make choices I feel proud of, regardless of the outcome. To my amazement, nearly a lifetime of depression was turned into peace and joy within a limited number of sessions. That is not to say that I no longer experience sadness, but instead that I no longer get stuck in that sadness. 

I would be remiss to suggest that PSYCH-K® alone produced this healing, although it was an essential part of the process. Other components of my recovery from depression included:


Feeling Purpose 

Research shows that greater purpose in life is associated with lower levels of depression and anxiety. For me, creating a sense of meaning in my life made the lows worthwhile and the highs that much sweeter. What happens to be meaningful to me is contributing to the world beyond myself. It makes me feel abundant, generous, and infinite. Your why may be something else. 



The research shows that play, even as adults, increases well being and resilience. Being playful and creative is a huge source of joy for me, it makes me feel much lighter and enthusiastic about life. Smiling helps to balance out all of the seriousness. I play by dancing, doing improv, making art, and singing. Your play is anything that you enjoy doing just for the joy of it. 



Connecting with myself and others was the greatest challenge for me because I was afraid of people, afraid of vulnerability, and felt unworthy. After using PSYCH-K® to program away those fears and insecurities, it was much easier for me to open up and to feel connected, seen, heard, and supported. This shift includes honoring what I truly think and feel and sharing it, even at risk of conflict. In such situations, I now feel at peace within myself, regardless of what's happening externally. I'm not unique in this respect studies have shown that those who have unconditional self acceptance experience higher well being over all and are less likely to experience negative emotions. 


Movement and Posture

Research shows that just as our mood effects our movement and posture, that our movement and posture effect our mood. The movement can range from low intensity activities such as walking to high intensity ones such as a HIIT workouts. Personally, I go on walks, jump on my trampoline, and do pilates. For posture, aside from deliberately straightening my back and lifting my head (up from looking down at my phone) I also do a number of fascial maneuvers by Human Garage including the ones in this video.



If your consciousness is the software of your being, your body is the hardware. Ideally both function to the best of their ability to produce your preferred life experience. Nutrition plays an important role here because an imbalance in it can actually impact mood and the research shows gut health is linked to mental / emotional wellbeing. My best practices here are:

  • Limit sugar consumption — Multiple studies have correlated sugar consumption with depression so it's best to avoid consuming sugar 
  • Avoid alcohol  — Alcohol is a depressant and can worsen depressive symptoms. I prefer to cut it out completely because it does very little, if anything, for me
  • Mindful grain consumption — Research has identified a link between grain consumption and depressive symptoms. I personally don't eat a lot of grains because I prefer other food groups, so it's already very limited for me
  • Eat whole, organic foods  The fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, and antibiotics in the food chain can disrupt the natural harmony in the human body and lead to a number of complications over time. I do my best to avoid this outcome by eating whole organic foods and thoroughly soaking/washing all produce in a basic solution (water + ample baking soda)
  • Make sure you get enough magnesium   Magnesium is key to proper hydration and mood regulation. I find it difficult to get a sufficient amount of magnesium through diet alone so I take this supplement
  • Make sure you get enough minerals and vitamins  When we're running low on the proper fuel, it's possible for the body to compensate in ways which may affect mood. To avoid this problem I take seamoss and liver. Sea Moss has 92 of the 102 minerals necessary for the human body, but sea moss is really high in iodine so be aware of taking too much. Liver is a rich source of vitamins
  • Support gut health  — I do this by taking this probiotic twice a day, every other month, and by occasionally taking these digestive enzymes. I also limit the window in which I eat to 8 hours so that I have 16 hours of fasting in which the body can repair itself. In terms of intermittent fasting, I definitely recommend checking with a medical professional first



In my experience, nature is healing. There is something profoundly beautiful about it that I cannot articulate and being witness to that wonder is deeply moving. Without getting too woo about it all, the research says sunlight helps regulate our mood so getting outside is prudent. Bonus points for putting your bare feet on the earth and grounding



Excessive rest is typically a depressive symptom and insufficient rest I have found depresses my mood. An amount that works well for me is sleeping ~8 - 9 hours a night, going to bed at about the same time each night and waking at about the same time each day. I like to sleep with a contoured eye mask to block out as much light as possible to facilitate deep sleep 


Limit Screen Time

Research shows social media can be detrimental to mental health. If not due to our perception of what we're exposed to through it, then by its nature. Our nervous systems have not evolved to process such inundation with information and we are susceptible to dopamine overloads, ultimately desensitizing us to the joys of real life. 



I have found that deliberately noting at least once a day a few things about that day which are beautiful, no matter how small, over time I felt more appreciative of my life and everything in it. Research has suggested that consistent mindfulness practices such as journaling can positively influence our feelings. 


Sending Love 

I hope this information is helpful to you and/or your loved ones experiencing depression, suicidal ideation, and/or self harm. I am honored to support you on your journey. If you'd like to experience how PSYCH-K® can facilitate things for you, book a consultation

Written by Emma Soleil

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