How PSYCH-K® Releases Anger, Rage, and Resentment, Even When It's Repressed or Suppressed

I have in my life experienced such hurt, betrayal, persecution, and abuse that the only natural response was anger. In many of those cases, I was unable to safely express that anger, defend myself, hold my boundaries, or protect myself. As a result, I stuffed those emotions and because they went unprocessed pieces of me were frozen in time, perpetually stuck in those moments. The effect was a constant sense of internal turmoil, even if only unconsciously. What my mind failed to recognize, my body continued to experience. So these emotions later manifested as outsized reactions to situations and resistance to individuals who had "wronged" me, even if they were currently doing their best to do "right" by me in the present.

"The highest form of love... is forgiving the unforgivable"

These bottled up feelings were corrosive to my wellbeing, my life, and a number of my relationships. With PSYCH-K® I was finally able to release all these stuck negative emotions and now on the other side of them I can honestly say that the highest form of love I have ever experienced is forgiving the unforgivable. Offering that grace has given me such a feeling of lightness / peace, made me more kind / compassionate, and ignited a new kind of closeness to divinity within me. It has also healed long damaged relationships and made life much more enjoyable. Here's everything replicable I did to liberate myself of anger, rage, and resentment.


How Do I Let Go of Resentment?

The fastest and easiest way to release resentment that I've experienced are PSYCH-K® Balances. The following are ones that I did to heal my heart and restore my peace:

  • Transformation of Perception of Stress ("TPS") — This Balance helps to relieve the negative emotions around the painful memories and create a sense of peace and non attachment. It does not change what happened, but instead changes how you feel about it. This process is particularly helpful for anger mangement.
  • Relationship Balance — This Balance helps to create peace between you and the other party. Their behavior may not change, but your resistance to their being will change. You will accept them as they are, feel at peace about it, and then continue on with your life without as much pain and/or pulling between the two of you
  • Messages Protocol — I treat this Protocol as a kind of catch all, to get any messages that may have otherwise been missed from the situation
  • New Reality Protocol — This Protocol is future oriented. In it, the client's envisioned ideal future self advises the client on the steps to becoming that ideal self
  • Core Belief Balance — This is particularly helpful for cases where there is anger management issues because they are more complex. This process addresses core beliefs about life and self, creating greater inner peace
  • Individual Balances  These are new subconscious programs to install to support a client's desired outcome. They are positively oriented statements we'd like to be true about ourselves, others, and life. Typically the process to integrate them would be the New Direction Balance, Resolution Balance, and/or Energy Focusing. Example programs (goal statements) would be:
    • I forgive myself and others
    • I let go of the past and joyfully embrace the present and future
    • I trust myself 
    • I take accountability for my own life
    • and more...

It's important to note that individual balances are neither affirmations nor toxic positivity. Instead, they are statements we would like to be true and intentions that are set during the balancing process which facilitate a somatic experience and energetic shift. The transformation is sustained indefinitely post balance. Book a session, if you'd like to let go of resentment, anger, and/or rage.

For individual balances, it's also helpful to consider secondary gains. Secondary gains are the benefit for remaining angry and resentful. For example, those feelings may protect against feeling hurt again and/or offer a sense of righteousness and superiority. Successfully releasing the anger and resentment would require addressing any secondary gains holding onto them may have. 


Can You Resent Someone You Love?

100% yes — you can resent someone you love. I have personally experienced this dynamic a number of times and was only able to release that resentment and repair the relationship by working with PSYCH-K®. Book a session, if you'd like to let go of resentment, anger, and/or rage.


What is the Root Cause of Resentment?

I'm not sure there is any single cause for resentment, but each time I've felt resentful, I felt that the love I had for that person or group and/or the effort I had put in for him/her/them was not reciprocated. I have since decided that everyone is always doing the highest and best that they know and have learned to appreciate / accept however they show up. In that way, I can compassionately discern how much to invest in them and expect of them and avoid over extending myself.


How Do You Rebuild a Relationship after Resentment?

To rebuild a relationship after resentment, first there needs to be forgiveness. PSYCH-K® can help with releasing the resentment and creating peace and forgiveness. Next, it's important to understand that forgiveness is not tolerance. Forgiveness is loving, tolerance is unloving. Tolerance is allowing for something less than the highest and best that is envisioned. You'll both need to be committed to reconnecting and co-creating a new dynamic. Without these points, I don't believe it is not possible to build a trusting, mutually satisfying relationship.  


How Do You Break the Cycle of Resentment?

To avoid resentment going forwards, I found it imperative to honestly assess how my beliefs, perceptions, and behaviors co-created the situations I experienced and then identify how I'd need to transform them to create my desired reality. This process wasn't about self blame, but instead to empower myself to do my part in creating a life I love. Again, PSYCH-K® was instrumental in my making the requisite shifts internally so that they would manifest externally.

I also realized that the only way for me to avoid resentment is to only do things that I feel are worthwhile doing within themselves, regardless of the outcome meaning any particular reaction, reciprocation, or reward. 

Finally, I learning and practicing Non Violent Communication to work through any conflict greatly improved my relationships and helped to curb any possibility for resentment to arise.


How to Tell If You Have Repressed Anger, Rage, and/or Resentment

Repressed / suppressed anger, rage, and resentment can show up in the body in a number of ways including:

  • Lower back pain
  • Hip pain
  • TMJ / teeth grinding / clenched jaws
  • Digestive issues
  • Tightness in the chest 
  • Tightness in the throat
  • Liver and gallbladder issues 
  • Held breath 
  • Restlessness
  • Poor sleep
  • and more...

If these feelings are left unprocessed, it is possible for them to manifest as chronic illness. To resolve them, book a session

Written by Emma Soleil

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