PSYCH-K® for Kids


Clients often ask me about whether PSYCH-K® can help kids. The answer is yes — PSYCH-K® is useful at all ages. That said, the client needs to have some awareness of what they'd like to experience and be open to change. So when clients try to book appointments for their children without their children having expressed a desire to try PSYCH-K®, I decline them. That said, I have found in many situations that working with parents and helping them transform their beliefs and perceptions about their child can positively influence their child. Areas where I have helped children and adolescents through PSYCH-K® include:

  • Resolving performance anxiety for exams, sports, etc.
  • Resolving social anxiety 
  • Recovering from bullying and other traumas
  • Reframing from self harm (including through addictions and vices)
  • Managing stress (including from divorce)
  • Increasing self esteem, self confidence, and self worth
  • Resolving allergies
  • Instilling beliefs requisite for better health
  • and more...

If you'd like to experience PSYCH-K® and/or explore how it can help your child, book a session.

Written by Emma Soleil

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