As a former competitive gymnast, student, and investor I have firsthand experience with performance anxiety and how it unconsciously creates self sabotage. It's endlessly frustrating when you know you can do something the way you want to do it and yet fall short of your own metrics of success. After working with PSYCH-K®, I've seen how investigating the subconscious can reveal the root cause of performance anxiety and help resolve it. 

PSYCH-K® does more than just process trauma, it also facilitates self realization and actualization. It can help transform limiting beliefs into self enhancing ones, letting us believe we can actually reach the stars. With a subconscious mindset fully aligned with our goals, we do our best (even better maybe than we expected we could) and then let chips fall where they may. Why is this important? Because after whatever level of preparation we have, the game of life becomes a mental one: how well we maintain our composure and persist toward our goals is key in manifesting our desired results. This is especially prevalent among the clients I have who are competitive, ranging from students to professional athletes. 

In my experience, there's yet to emerge a pattern behind performance anxiety so when working with a client focused on peak performance we remain curious during self reflection / investigation. Sometimes the balance is as simple as "I always believe in myself and always perform well under pressure." Sometimes self sabotage is a way of remaining connecting to peers, feeling like being "too good" at something makes them less relatable and therefore less connected. They may even have an unconscious fear of being seen. The stories clients tell around the situation reveal a lot about their beliefs about themselves and what they do. Then with questioning we get to any secondary gains (unconscious benefits) may exist for a performance less than what they say they'd like to output.

To experience how PSYCH-K® can improve your performance, self esteem, and self confidence, book a session.

Written by Emma Soleil

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