How, When, and Why I Use PSYCH-K® and Other Tools


Going to PSYCH-K® workshops is like getting a fishing rod — just because you have a fishing rod, doesn't mean you know how to fish. The PSYCH-K® balances are a set of tools and some facilitators are more skilled (and even have different skills) than others in applying them. After having worked with PSYCH-K® daily for several years, I've honed insights and efficacy as a facilitator since my first Basic Workshop. Now I am ready to share my best practices on the how, when, what, and why to use PSYCH-K® to maximize the benefits of each balance and create a truly joyful and fulfilling existence. 


Why I Use PSYCH-K®

Trauma is any painful event (both what happened and didn't happen) and the meaning we make of it. It ranges from little t trauma which are negative beliefs and perceptions we establish primarily during our childhood to big T trauma which would be the impression left by any event we perceive as catastrophic, extremely painful, and/or dangerous.  

By the time I entered the professional world, I thought that I had gotten over the trauma I experienced and internalized. However the battery of physical ailments, allergies, tumultuous relationships, self sabotage, frustrations, self harm, chronic depression, debilitating anxiety, panic attacks, and propensity to self isolate were evidence otherwise. It didn't matter how well I masked any of it or how high functioning I had become...

What I discovered through my healing journey is that trauma was out of sight, but not out of mind and that it was unconsciously driving a lot of behaviors which were hurting and sabotaging me. The reality is that actually I had been distracted by more current events pulling the trauma down out of my awareness and fighting for my conscious attention like crabs in a barrel. Therapy, meditation, breathwork, and psychedelics made me aware of the that the trauma persisted and was continuously hurting my being and my life, but they were not sufficiently effective in actually doing anything about it. It was only with PSYCH-K® that I was able to actually resolve the trauma, transform my beliefs / perceptions, and heal those core wounds.

The result has been manifold: I now have the best health I've ever experienced having removed my allergies and healed my autoimmune conditions which PSYCH-K® facilitated by reducing the stress I experience and internalize. PSYCH-K® has also helped me download and embody beliefs and perceptions that enabled me to repair long damaged relationships and transform them into truly deep and mutually enriching ones. Finally and perhaps most importantly, PSYCH-K® has healed my relationship to myself and given me a sense of safety, belonging, and worthiness.

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When to Use PSYCH-K®

In my experience, the most difficult thing about working with PSYCH-K® is actually knowing when to use it. When I first began working with PSYCH-K® I underutilized it because I was so accustomed to brute forcing my life I often failed to identify when PSYCH-K® could help. Now I frequently leverage PSYCH-K® to expedite working through the following situations: 

  • Experiencing any kind of negative emotion / reaction. For example:
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Fear
    • Stress
    • Heartbreak
    • Grief
    • Sadness
    • Anger
    • Frustration
    • Despair
    • Resentment
    • etc.
  • Any kind of negative behavior. For example:
    • Self sabotage
    • Perfectionism
    • People pleasing
    • Avoidance
    • Procrastination
    • Criticism
    • Addictions (including to substances, people, emotions, and behaviors)
    • Obsession
    • Rumination / Intrusive thoughts
    • etc.
  • Physical Pain or tension. For example: 
    • TMJ
    • Furrowed brows
    • Hunched or elevated shoulders
    • Back pain
    • Injuries
    • Autoimmune conditions
    • Anything physically bothersome 
  • Trauma
  • Illness
  • Allergies
  • Daily for messages from my higher self


How I Use PSYCH-K®

Another reason I underutilized PSYCH-K® when I first learned it was because I did not yet fully understand what inquiry processes could help me make the most of it. After years of working daily with PSYCH-K® here are my best practices for it:

  1. When I can consciously define the goal statement (what I would rather), then I muscle test which Balance is the most appropriate for it starting with the least complex first followed by the next most complex and so on until the subconscious indicates its preference. Once I've balanced all the things I can consciously identify, then I do the messages protocol to catch anything I may have missed. 
  2. When I am upset / bothered or feeling some tension / pain / reaction in my body and I am unable to identify what to balance, I do the messages protocol. This process shows me what I need to balance in order to resolve the situation or condition. I even do this process for dreams to integrate whatever they're trying to show me. 
  3. When I feel exhausted by a particular situation or condition and have reached my limits in facilitating for myself I engage another PSYCH-K® facilitator to help me uncover anything additional I may have missed. 
  4. When I am experiencing trouble in relation to anything, I find it helpful to do the relationship balance with that person or thing. 
  5. When working through trauma and other stressful situations, I do the Transformation of Perception of Stressful Situations protocol ("TPS"), which creates a feeling of internal peace around that situation. Then I check what "negative" and/or fearful meaning my subconscious may have made out of that situation and go through the self inquiry and balancing process I describe in #1 of this list. 
  6. When I first started doing PSYCH-K® I did the Core Belief Balance. It completely transformed my being and outlook on life and it seems (to date) to be a one-time Balance.  
  7. I do the PSYCH-K® rejuvenation process, greater self protocol, and Gaia meditation daily. Even when everything is great in my life and I'm feeling wonderful, these three points help me stay on on the highest and best path for my being. 
  8. When I feel like it I do the Chakra Balance. 


What I Balance Using PSYCH-K®

Even with the processes above the questions asked during reflection determine what is balanced and is a key component of how effectively we leverage PSYCH-K® to improve our lives. I find in any given situation or condition the three main categories to check are: 

  1. Beliefs / perceptions about myself
  2. Beliefs / perceptions about others / things
  3. Beliefs / perceptions about what is possible 

Beliefs / perceptions about the self can be expanded even further. I think of these "I" statements as relating to the seven chakras roughly as follows:

  1. Root: I am...
  2. Sacral: I have / respect / value...
  3. Solar Plexus: I feel / choose / do...
  4. Heart: I love / open / connect / forgive / accept...
  5. Throat: I speak...
  6. Third Eye: I know / see / listen / receive...
  7. Crown: I honor...

When working through a particular situation or condition, it may be helpful to investigate these different angles and balance accordingly with PSYCH-K® to release any blocks. 

And why does transforming your beliefs matter?

Because you need to believe it to create it.

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What to Remember about PSYCH-K®

Remember PSYCH-K® enables us get unstuck / align our subconscious beliefs and perceptions with our conscious desires, thereby unlocking our potential. In doing so, it facilitates a sense of peace, non attachment, and even joy real time. It is then our responsibility to take action to make our potential manifest.


When and Why I Work with Psychedelics

Before I began using the PSYCH-K® messages protocol, I worked with psychedelics to increase my self awareness and then determine what I should balance. It's no longer as helpful, if helpful at all, for me to use them in that capacity. That said, I do microdose shrooms a couple times a year for an additional touch of creativity occasionally and do Sapo/Bufo (5MeO-DMT) sessions for expanded consciousness. If I am psychically called to do a full on ceremony with a plant medicine, then I typically oblige. These calls tend to come to me when I am deep in meditation and appear either phonetically or with a vision. They are very infrequent with years between each call and when answered they deliver important messages. 


When and Why I Meditate

After I learned Transcendental Meditation® in 2018 and before I learned PSYCH-K®, I meditated everyday twice a day for 20 minutes immediately upon waking and then again in the middle of the day. 

I still meditate to this day, although less frequently now that I feel consistently present and peaceful thanks to all the balancing I've done for myself with PSYCH-K®. PSYCH-K® helped me remove my triggers so that I could remain calm and peaceful in response to the ups and downs in life. That said, I still find meditation helpful because it creates space in which I can observe myself and consciously decide what I would benefit from balancing and doing next.


When and Why I Do Fascial Maneuvers

I have noticed that when I am triggered I experience both emotional dysregulation and nervous system dysregulation. The emotional dysregulation is caused by the unconcious meaning I make of the event / perception I have of it to enforce a "negative" or fearful belief I already had. With PSYCH-K® I am able to transform the belief and as a result regulate my emotions. Sometimes the nervous system follows suit, but when it doesn't I regulate it by releasing the physical tension / pain I experience using fascial maneuvers from Human Garage. I have found it's important to address the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual simultaneously to produce lasting change because each of these pillars effects the others. 


When and Why I Use Therapy

I don't. I have personally found therapy unhelpful — I would leave sessions feeling worse than when I started. It was like opening pandora's box without having any real way of integrating what was in it. It maybe helped me understand my why a bit more, but it didn't help me transform that why or resolve any of the feelings around it. Now that I've become adept at self reflection, curiosity, and compassion and use PSYCH-K® as I do I'm set without therapy. 

That said, I do believe therapy can be useful for those who resonate with it. I also know EMDR, somatic therapy, and craniosacral therapy to be helpful. Relationship counseling can also help by mediating discussions between parties. 

Written by Emma Soleil

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