How to Manifest Anything: The Complete Guide

You’ve probably heard of manifesting: the idea that your thoughts and feelings can bend reality to give you what you want. If you’re seeking better health, more money, love, or anything else, manifesting really works. The power behind manifestation is within us and within our relationship with life. Here’s how I work with both to manifest…

Reality is created at the intersection of thoughts, feelings, and actions – the sacred trinity, as I call it. This principle applies both for personal manifestations and for collective manifestations. For personal purposes, conscious alignment of our thoughts, feelings, and actions is the most powerful manifestation method. But what is alignment anyway? Consider this: 

When it comes to manifestations, we can allow what you see and hear to affect our thoughts and feelings – we can be in a passive, reactive state. In the reactive state we simply recreate whatever we are already experiencing – same old story on repeat even if different places, different faces. Or we can exercise mental and emotional mastery regardless of what our current reality is and take action to manifest whatever we desire. That's alignment. Being positively delusional is necessary here because to manifest anything we need to believe it to create it, even if you have yet to see it to believe it. This is how I've leveraged beliefs to create success:

Beliefs, which are revealed through thoughts and feelings, are the obscure part of the trinity. At any point in time, we are only aware of about 5% of our beliefs because the other 95% are subconscious. Since our subconscious is 95% of the equation, the key to get our manifestations to work is to align that 95% which is subconscious with our conscious desires. Here are the three ways to program your subconscious for success:

1. Repetition 

It’s what we're repeatedly exposed to: media, culture, activities, relationships, and any other patterns. We can also intentionally use repetition, which would be the 5% of our minds that's conscious attempting to override the 95% that is subconscious by establishing new habits. It’s possible, but takes time and commitment. This is why scripting manifestations and affirmations can sometimes work.

2. Hypnosis 

If we have someone hypnotize us, we’ll experience varying degrees of change based on how skilled (s)he is and how receptive we are. We can also self hypnotize the five minutes before we fall asleep and the five minutes after waking with audio. Self hypnosis also takes time, commitment, and skill.

3. Energy Work

In this category is PSYCH-K®, which honors personal agency and is fully self directed. It creates change with each “Balance” and sustains that change in everyday life. In my experience, PSYCH-K® is much faster than repetition and hypnosis. If you’re curious about how PSYCH-K® can help with your manifestations, book a session

Now that we've discussed how the subconscious contributes to manifestations, here are my thre steps to manifesting:

  1. Get clear about what successful manifestation would look and feel like to you. You have to define what success is to create it. Who would you be in that manifested state? What would you believe about yourself, others, and life in that reality?
  2. Embody that version of you now. Do things now to give yourself the feelings you expect to experience when your manifestation arrives. Think, feel, and behave as if it were already your reality. This step may require practice through consciously acknowledging observations that reinforce those desired thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  3. Take aligned action towards your manifestation with the assumption that it is inevitable and detach from the outcome. Make choices now that you would feel proud of in hindsight, regardless of what results. Doing so at all times attracts blessings into your life and allows you to avoid self-inflicted resentment, regret, guilt, and shame. 

Trouble Shooting: If you're taking action but feel like your manifestation is not coming, figure out what parts of your subconscious might be repelling it and keeping you stuck. A few questions to help with this self discovery are: 

  1. Do you believe in your vision? 
  2. Do you feel worthy of it and ready to receive it? (Would you be surprised to receive it?)
  3. What might you lose if you get what you want? (How do you benefit from your current reality?)
  4. How safe and secure would you feel in your ideal reality?
  5. What are all the reasons your dream is unlikely to happen? 

Now, change the beliefs from above that are sabotaging your manifestation by identifying their opposite and writing it as a single, positively phrased sentence. For example, if the belief currently keeping you stuck is:

“I lose friends in my manifested reality”  
You might change that belief to:
“I keep my friends in my manifested reality”

In essence, start telling yourself all the reasons your manifestation happens for you and how wonderful it is for you as you take action to create it. To download these new beliefs you can use any of the three methods previously discussed and to make it even easier... 

book a session 

Written by Emma Soleil

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