How PSYCH-K® Helps Release Internalized Shame, Curb Self Judgment and Criticism, and Facilitate Forgiveness

Having grown up feeling unwanted and neglected, I felt ashamed for just existing. 

Having grown up feeling chronically unsafe at home, I felt ashamed of my private life.

Having grown up with parents who were ashamed of our home (which in retrospect was fine, just not up to their aspirations), I felt ashamed of where I lived. 

Having grown up with praise almost exclusively for what I accomplished and very little if at all for my being, I felt ashamed of who I was.

With all that internalized shame I unconsciously became self loathing and highly critical of and abusive towards myself, coping / acting in ways which exacerbated the feelings of shame. If things didn't work out as I had hoped academically, professionally, romantically, or otherwise the feelings of shame became overwhelming. 

I felt fundamentally at odds with life and completely unworthy of it. I also felt unworthy of love, compassion, kindness, rest, forgiveness, understanding, and more. As a result, I was in a consistent unconscious state of pain that I tried to escape through excessive work, exercise, and partying to no avail. I wouldn't dare allow myself to do anything for joy because I believed I didn't deserve to be creative, happy, or fulfilled. 

When I look back at that version of me, I feel so compassion because she didn't know herself and she didn't know any better. I also feel so tremendously grateful for PSYCH-K® because it enabled me to free myself of that toxicity and create a life I love. It has also enabled me to forgive myself and give myself the grace to embody the highest and best of what I know. This is true even when I have hiccups now. The following balances are what enabled this transformation:


PSYCH-K® Balances to Release Shame and Self Judgment and Facilitate Forgiveness

PSYCH-K® is typically an iterative process of peeling the layers of the onion until there are no layers left. That said, the following Balances created an immediate and noticeable change for me:


  • Core Belief Balance — This process is a kind of catch-all designed to create greater harmony mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I felt much lighter once I completed this Balance
  • Life Bonding Balance — This process helped me feel more at peace with life instead of at odds / resistant to it
  • Relationship Balance — Looking in the mirror, I completed this process to balance my relationship with myself so that I could be more at peace with myself
  • Transformation of Perception of Stress Protocol — I completed this process for major traumas I had experienced, which helped me internalize a sense of peace and non attachment around each of them. It removed the emotion (shame, anger, fear, sadness, etc.) from the memories and left neutrality
  • Messages Protocol — Emotions carry messages and the more the message is missed, the more intense the emotion grows. This protocol helps to discern whatever message the situation or condition is trying to communicate so that it can be fully received and then integrated into our being
  • New Reality Protocol — This protocol is a way of getting guidance from our future selves who are already living the life we would like to create and experience. I find it extremely helpful in getting from where I already am to where I would like to be mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually
  • Individual Balances  — Completed for the most part through either the New Direction Balance or the Resolution Balance. Examples of balances I did are:
    • I forgive myself 
    • I am proud of who I am and what I do
    • I feel worthy of love, kindness, care, and consideration
    • I allow myself to enjoy life 
    • I appreciate myself 
    • I love myself
    • and more...

It's important to note that individual balances are neither affirmations nor toxic positivity. Instead, they are statements we would like to be true and intentions that are set during the balancing process which facilitate a somatic experience and energetic shift. The transformation is sustained indefinitely post balance. To accelerate this process for yourself, book a session.


Action Steps to Release Shame, Curb Self Judgment, and Facilitate Forgiveness

PSYCH-K® Balances unlock our potential, but then our actions make that potential manifest. The action steps are something we do within 24 - 48 hours of the balance to confirm for our conscious mind our new subconscious belief. That said, the one thing I have found key for feeling proud of myself and for avoiding self judgment and shame is to act with integrity. And in the times where I may falter, to investigate why, balance as needed, forgive myself, and act in full alignment next time. In my experience, this step is key to creating a life you love and to sustain feelings of joy, fulfillment, and inner peace.
Written by Emma Soleil

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