How PSYCH-K® Helps to Process Grief and Heal Heartbreak


From the loss of a loved one to a relationship in turmoil and identity / purpose crisis, I have at times in my life experienced such devastating heartbreak, sadness, and grief I thought it might actually die from it. I wish I could say that now since I've learned PSYCH-K® and use it daily that I no longer feel pain. However, that wouldn't be true. Emotions serve a purpose and have life enhancing messages, if only that message can be discerned. And all emotions exist in relativity: we know happiness because we know sadness, we know boredom because we know excitement. No emotions would mean a sort of numbness that is 1. dangerous and 2. meaningless.

So PSYCH-K® hasn't numbed me to the realities of life, with all its ups and downs, but it has helped me navigate them with grace, quickly recalibrate for inner peace when the going gets rough, identify whatever the life enhancing message is, and then actually integrate that message into my life. The net result is a peace and confidence that makes life feel a much more enriching and enjoyable, regardless of what happens. 


How Do I Get Over Heartbreak?

There are two ways to heal from heartbreak and grief:

  1. Time   In my experience, as time passes life happens and so we get distracted by current events, shoving the heartbreak down out of awareness until it fights its way back up into awareness due to circumstance like crabs in a barrel. In a number of cases, time genuinely can resolve or at least reduce the feeling. 
  2. PSYCH-K® — PSYCH-K® expedites the healing process. The external circumstances may not immediately change, but how you feel about them will transition from painful to peaceful. So here are the most helpful balances:


PSYCH-K® Balances to Heal Heartbreak and Grief

Both heartbreak and grief are associated with trauma, meaning both the reaction to something which has happened and the meaning which is unconsciously made of what has happened. The following balances collectively address both points:

  • Transformation of Perception of Stress ("TPS") — This process is useful for quickly processing the traumatic memory of the heartbreak itself. It facilitates the creation of inner peace around the event.
  • Messages Protocol — Emotions carry messages and the more the message is missed, the more intense the emotion grows. This protocol helps to discern whatever message the situation or condition is trying to communicate so that it can be fully received and then integrated into our being
  • Core Belief Balance — This process is a kind of catch-all designed to create greater harmony mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I felt much lighter once I completed this Balance. In my experience, it only needs to be done once (ever)
  • New Reality Protocol — This protocol is a way of getting guidance from our future selves who are already living the life we would like to create and experience. I find it extremely helpful in getting from where I already am to where I would like to be mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually
  • Relationship Balance  Looking in the mirror, I completed this process to balance my relationship with myself so that I could be more at peace with myself. I also did it via surrogation with another PSYCH-K® facilitator to balance meaningful relationships which weighed on my heart
  • Individual Balances — Completed for the most part through either the New Direction Balance or the Resolution Balance
    • I forgive myself and other(s) 
    • I always recognize and honor my thoughts, feelings, needs, and wants
    • I matter
    • I always am / feel worthy of love, friendship, connection, acceptance, etc. just for who I am
    • I feel worthy of the best that love and life have to offer and I feel safe to receive it
    • I still feel well even as my relationships change and/or end
    • It is always safe for me to love and be loved
    • I always love myself
    • and more...

It's important to note that individual balances are neither affirmations nor toxic positivity. Instead, they are statements we would like to be true and intentions that are set during the balancing process which facilitate a somatic experience and energetic shift. The transformation is sustained indefinitely post balance.


How Long Does Heartbreak Last? How Long Does a Broken Heart Take to Heal?

If you're waiting for time to heal heartbreak and grief, it could take days, weeks, months, or even years. There's no guaranteed time frame. If you're using PSYCH-K®, the heartbreak will likely resolve in just a number of sessions.


What Does A Broken Heart Feel Like?

According to Cleveland Clinic, physiological symptoms of a broken heart include:

  • Chest pain — I have experienced this as the feeling of iron bars restricting my heart or a stabbing feeling in the heart
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Fainting 
  • And more...


What Does A Broken Heart Do to Your Body?

A number of the changes that happen to your body when you get heartbroken include:
  • Appetite changes
  • Lack of motivation
  • Weight change
  • Headaches
  • and a general sense of being unwell  

This site isn't webMD so I'm not going to go into the short and long term ramifications of heartbreak, but suffice it to say that leaving a broken heart untreated can be very stressful on the body and have significant mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual consequences. 


What Is the Best Cure for Grief?

I find the best cure for grief to be PSYCH-K®. The same balances I mention earlier in this post are helpful in this respect. Book a session to work through grief.

Written by Emma Soleil

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